Posted by: thedownsideofup | February 1, 2008

Keepin it real

It’s not in my nature to be really serious all the time, I find that it strangles me. I hope that I can show you my humorous side at times too. If you’ve ever visited my other blog you will see a side of me that is real too. I try to find humor in most days of my life, for if I didn’t I would surely curl up in the corner and die….. That’s why I like “keepin it real”….wills-soccer-head.jpg

This week has been a trial of sorts, not for me, but for my Son Will. He had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed. His poor face is swollen the size of a soccer ball(well maybe not that big). I have been taking care of him.

It’s also my Grand Daughter Bella’s first Birthday Sunday, So I will be baking her a cake. If you are just meeting me, You don’t know that I am a cake decorator , you will have to visit Sugar Queen’s Dream and see! to see a few of my cakes go here. She loves Dora the Explorer so that will be somewhere on the cake.Princess Bella

Isn’t she beautiful. When I look at her I know the life I’ve had to live is one that in the ends has been filled with gifts…. Here’s another picture of her digging in her toy box, She has really grown this past year. At Sugar Queens Dream you can watch her grow up, FracasBellas toys introduced me and my Grand Daughter on her blog last year….

I have another friend that has helped keep me here and on track, her name is Jackie, she Authors “The Painted Veil” . If you would like to be inspired with love and happiness with an occasional dose of spice visit my friend. She has endured abuse in her life too and has overcome it. Jackie has been encouraging me ever since I started this blog to keep moving forward. I love her for that, You can’t know unless you’ve lived it, how hard this is to rebirth and start over. I posted some really great posts this week at SQD, go take a look. Visit my blog roll friends and you will meet some of the most beautiful people ever!

Having 2 Blogs is so much more work than I EVER thought it was. Period! I am trying to keep up the pace and I am all about keepin it real….

Have a really great weekend and remember always: love the one you’re with….YOU



  1. Judy you are simply the best……how very,very kind to say such wonderful things about me.

    My goodness you made me cry…..but,it’s good tears.

    I have loved watching Bella grow up. She is truly so precious.

    And, oh my your poor son. Tell him I had the very same exact thing done. Allfour impacted and removed the same day. some they had to crack with a hammer and take out bit by bit…..I am here first hand to tell you….that boy has got to be suffering!!! I thought I would die!!

    Much love to you hun….we are going out to dinner tonight for Walter’s birthday. And, I may just go lay down and take a nap with him right now….LOL!!!

    So I will be away for a while until tomorrow….that is as soon as I hope over to Dar’s and visit her.

    Love you girl…you’re the best ever!!

  2. Here too….Judy I hope everything is okay sweety. I haven’t heard from you. I hope you’re not sick!!

  3. Judy, I just now found your new blog. I’ve read every single post and have tears in my eyes. I admire you so much. And yes, Bella is a gorgeous little bucket o’ love. I’ll make sure I subscribe now so I don’t miss a thing.

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