Posted by: thedownsideofup | February 5, 2008

This day I will say Hello to me…..

I found this poem at the website: Day of the Child


By Andrea

As I noticed myself becoming old and gray,

I knew it was time to visit the little girl of yesterday.

She had been kept safely hidden

In a place where others had been forbidden.

She knew I had to leave her long ago,

So one of us could find the strength to grow.

I promised her that I would someday return,

For she was my main concern.

No one could understand how her and I connect,

For I was the one present during the crime and neglect.

As I opened the door to yesterday,

I heard the sound of children happily at play,

But I noticed her sitting all alone and sad

Until our eyes met and she became glad.

We reunited by hugging and kissing one another

Like a beloved daughter and a mother.

I comforted her and dried away her tears

That were too painful for so many years.

As I looked in her small eyes of Grey,

I told her that the monster had gone away.

She looked up at me and said,”I love you”

Then I replied, “I love you too”.

Someone who cared had finally set her free.

The little girl that I used to be.

I tried to forget so much that certain words trigger remembrances…. I now feel is is good to remember all the days of my life, I am a happier person for remembering….

I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with hope and love…..



  1. Judy please know that this is exactly the process that took me years of therapy to do myself.

    I too had to reconnect with the scared, hurt, and damaged little girl that lived and walked with me everyday.

    Once again I applaud you for having the courage and the know how to make this journey on your own!!


  2. Thanks you Jackie, I am moving forward with this Blog. I don’t know what will come of it but I do know that I am happy for taking the steps forward….

  3. You are so welcome Judy. I know it is helping me and I have had years of therapy.

    I am so pleased tat you chose to do this!!


  4. hi. what a beautiful, touching poem. i love reading it over nad over. nice page, too. it tells so much of the woman you are. keep it up.

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