Posted by: thedownsideofup | February 7, 2008


!!!! I have no details but this child has been found!!!!

Christy Z has just informed her readers of an amber alert….
I am copying from her web site so please don’t shoot me for copy theft….
started copy here:

*Amber Alert Issued For Five Year Old Boy AMBER Alert*

An amber alert has been issued for five year old Adrian Jaimes of Austin Texas. He has been abducted today by three Hispanic men while in his own front yard while his mother was loading the car.

You can read further information and see pictures of Adrian here, and you can report any tips or information to America’s Most Wanted.

Spread the word about it on your blogs as the case is so new it’s yet to hit television, and send him and his family your prayers for a safe return.

End copy here….

Please, please help… If you can spread the word!

You never know when you or someone reading your blog may know more then you think…..




  1. They found him!! I’m looking to find out more details but he’s safe, and that’s awesome news. Thanks for being one of the bloggers who cares and tries to make a difference:) You rock!

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