Posted by: thedownsideofup | February 28, 2008


mvc_027f.jpgJust wanted to say Hi, things went better than I thought and I’m home safe.

Have you ever thought that the life you lived growing up as a child was yours and yours alone, no one shared in your secrets, your pain, your heavy burdens. I learned on this visit to my Family that my Brother had just as much pain as I did growing up. It was quite revealing to me and I grew some from it. He didn’t suffer sexual abuse, but physical abuse and he told me he never felt loved or even known he existed. I never gave this much thought as we were growing up and I really didn’t think of it as an adult. After thinking more about this I have decided that it more than likely was the reason he ended up strung out of prescription drugs. Although he’s been clean now for almost 2 years, the hellish life he’s lived since he was in an accident and paralyzed at age 18, has been awful. I have learned that life doesn’t just happen to us as an individual, it happens as a group to, and sometimes everyone in the crowd comes out damaged in very unique but sometimes very same ways…..

I am proud of my Brother, he has had the courage and will power to keep with the program.

If you have problems with drug abuse and need help…. Check out Narcotics Anonymous, they really are a great group that will be there for you to lean on in times where your family and friends just can’t help.

Have a great day and keep the faith……




  1. Powerful writing. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. Thanks Bill, It really means the world to me that you are even reading this…
    Best- J

  3. He beat me to it, only because I’m not as good a stalker as he.

    Glad your home, kiddo. Uh, sorry, shouldn’t call you kiddo since I have no idea in the world who you are or how I got here.

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