Posted by: thedownsideofup | March 3, 2008


For each of you….

For the special way my Grand Daughter makes me smile just looking at her….

For the years I have lived and the lessons I have learned…..

For Friends…

For my Talents….

For others talents…..

For quiet Times, for loud times…..

For my Special Love, He holds the keys to my heart and also to my easy button….*Blink*

For my Dachshunds for without them, I wouldn’t know how to squeeze myself into a tiny part of the bed, although I should have half….

For my Sons – All three…. although I only have one left and I cherish him……

For my Daughters, through them, I see my reflection…..

For Blogging,I now have a voice and a face…..

For all the things I take for granted, I think they must be huge and very important….

For life….

And when the time comes……

For Death.



  1. What a lovely gratitude list. Sometimes, especially when life is a bit hard, I do a gratitude list of the alphabet when i go to sleep at night. A for ….B for…to help me find all the things I want to remember are good in my life.

    Lovely blog – I came here through the big bang….

  2. hi, first time here.u have a nice blog

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